With significant investment in skills, laboratory, quality control and development infrastructure our business is progressive and committed to working in partnership with our global clients.

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The c-blythe product range is made to exacting standards in modern, purpose designed plant. As a business, we have built a reputation for outstanding customer service and have the flexibility to produce a range of mixed metal precipitated salts of different chemical compositions and oxidation states. Alkali Earth and Transition Metal Nitrates can be supplied as either a solution or as a flaked (none dusting) hydrate.

We work closely with clients to produce materials with physical properties such as bulk density, particle size distribution, specific surface area, tailored to meet the requirements of different applications. Our Development Team has expertise in the management of co-precipitation to deliver defined structure particles.

William Blythe produces copper based mixed metal precursors used widely in the Catalyst and Process Chemical Industries.

We pride ourselves on our ability to build long term relationships with our customers and with a strong emphasis and track record on co-operative product development we have the ability to tailor products to meet customer specification requirements.

We operate a continuous manufacturing facility with top tier COMAH (Control of Major Accident and Hazards) (Seveso II), IPPC and ISO9001 status. The site footprint, occupying 14 hectares, has a wide regulatory envelope and an extensive bulk storage facility. Our copper plant has a manufacturing area of 1,400m2 and 67m3 reactor capacity, with mixed metal nitrates capability offering a reactor capacity of 90m3, allowing for fast business development on either a contract or outsourced basis.

Our focus on enhanced skills and competency, together with our ‘Gold Standard’ in-house training programme, drives continual improvement of products so that we can develop grades and variants to meet new market requirements for our clients. Quality assurance is provided by our laboratories who are equipped with state of the art analytical equipment and manned by highly qualified analysts.


William Blythe has the capability and resource to manufacture products covering a range of specialist industries:

Our Development Teams have a wealth of expertise and knowledge and are perfectly positioned to work in partnership with clients to research and formulate unique, bespoke technology led solutions.

Copper Products

c-blythe S0512 - Copper (2) Chloride Solution

  • Copper (2) Chloride Solution
  • Cupric Chloride Solution
  • Copper Dichloride Solution

Copper (ii) Chloride is a convenient source of Cu2+ ions for the manufacture of catalysts, or for the manufacture of precipitated copper compounds.

c-blythe S0526 - Copper Carbonate

  • Copper Carbonate

Copper Carbonate is a source of copper for the manufacture of copper derivatives ranging from catalysts to micronutrients and timber treatment biocides. It is also used in the production of ceramic colours and pigments.

c-blythe S3026 - Copper Nitrate 38% Solution

  • Copper Nitrate 38% Solution

Copper (ii) Nitrate is a convenient source of Cu2+ ions for the manufacture of catalysts, or for the manufacture of precipitated copper compounds.

i-blythe S5050 - Cuprous Iodide

  • Copper (I) Iodide
  • Copper Iodide

Cuprous Iodide (CuI) is an off-white powder that has applications as a reagent in organic synthetic reactions and is a component in stabiliser systems that protect polyamides against degradation by heat and light.

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