With significant product development and outsourcing experience, we have the flexibility and responsiveness to deliver accelerated development opportunities to our clients and can help you manage the introduction of new products.

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Partnership Development

Our expertise lies in developing products where conventional processing does not meet the performance requirements demanded by clients.

Our new product and process development procedure, with embedded process safety management system, ensures proper control of commercial and safety risks at each stage of product development providing you with reassurance. We deliver this by offering a range of manufacturing routes, developed in-house, to produce unique materials with the tightly defined particle structure and physical properties required to meet specific customer requirements.

With a wide regulatory envelope, we can offer significant time savings for product development. There has never been a better time to benefit from William Blythe’s capability and services.

Resources and Partnerships

Our business is driven by the innovation and expertise of our people. Not only do we have a talented and loyal workforce, we are continuously investing in the future with 25% of our employees now technical graduates.

Our highly skilled and trained team continues to grow and develop with our commitment to an ongoing training programme to deliver:
•NVQ2/NVQ3 qualified operations workforce
•Gold Standard world class skills

We have an extensive network of academic contacts at national universities with projects underway at multiple educational facilities.


William Blythe and the Graphene Oxide Application Experts

William Blythe are working with graphene oxide application developers, attending events throughout Europe to learn more about industry requirements.


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