Although many analysts expect lawmakers to eventually set aside their partisan differences and pass another stimulus bill, the size and timing of a measure remain uncertain. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has signaled he backs another stimulus package, noting in a November 4 press conference that he would like an aid deal passed before year-end. Even so, any package passed during the so-called "lame duck" session — before the newly elected members of the Senate and the House take their seats in January, along with Mr. McConnell "will likely re-propose a plan he pushed in October. The availability of a vaccine would significantly boost hiring, incomes and other measures of economic growth, reducing the need for a massive stimulus bill, some GOP lawmakers contend. According to experts, widespread distribution of an effective vaccine would reinvigorate parts of the economy that have been hard-hit by the pandemic, such as the airline and hospitality industries, and alleviate some of the need for government support. But such a rollout could take months, leaving millions of consumers and businesses hanging without help from additional government funding. Already, there are signs that consumers may be paring spending as the surge in COVID cases saps their confidence in an economic rebound, paired with a lack of fresh stimulus spending from Washington, D. Retail sales in the U. Commerce Department released on Tuesday. House Democrats and the Trump administration had found themselves divided on a number of issues , ranging from the size of the package to its priorities. Republicans argue that the latter provides a disincentive for people to return to work. But Republicans and Democrats have signaled agreement on a handful of issues, such as replenishing the Paycheck Protection Program and to provide another round of stimulus funding for low- and middle-income families. While it's likely that families will see another round of stimulus checks, don't count on receiving them until early , according to analysts. The outlook for additional stimulus spending after President-Elect Biden is inaugurated on January 20 will depend on whether Republicans retain control of the Senate. If Democrats don't succeed in the January 5 runoffs for two Georgia Senate seats, the Republicans will maintain control, making it less likely that a President Biden could pass and sign a major stimulus effort. For months, Republicans and Democrats have disagreed on the size of the next stimulus package. Economists warn that failing to inject another dose of fiscal stimulus could stall the recovery, given the ongoing pandemic and economic headwinds. Job growth around the U. With the pandemic showing few signs of abating and earlier government aid now running out, many businesses and households are facing a financial crunch. One in three U. After the virus erupted in the U. Economists say other relief policies have proved more effective at boosting the economy. That money helped support local businesses, keeping the economy from collapsing under the impact of lockdowns. Trump had ordered is already depleted in most states, according to UnemploymentPUA. That effort, called Lost Wages Assistance LWA , was created in August by tapping disaster-relief funds, but it only provides six weeks in extra jobless benefits. Sign up for Breaking News Alerts Be in the know. Get the latest breaking news delivered straight to your inbox. Chrome Safari Continue.

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