The two-day summit of heads of state was held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic and said it would "spare no effort to protect lives. The former FDA head said a healthy year-old might have vaccine access in the second or third quarter of The top infectious disease doctor urged caution over the holidays and said "help is on the way. So many have died that the county is now posting job openings for morgue attendants. Negotiations for another stimulus package are likely to resume, but analysts predict a smaller round of funding. Loeffler tested positive on Friday but has since tested negative after inconclusive results. Virtual learning is already hard in places that lack basic resources — even electricity — that power the internet. As the U. Across the nation, more and more cities, counties and states are clamping down in a desperate effort to curb the surge. People who are eligible for the payment but have yet to receive it have until November 21 to register with the IRS. A spokesman for Trump Jr. With a vaccine on the way, is the government ready to roll? Biggest U. President-elect Biden said his lack of access to key information could damage recovery efforts and cost lives. And I want to be able to do that for somebody else if I can," the restaurant owner said. With the coronavirus surging around the U. Urges people to "recalibrate" their lives, saying, "At one point, we really thought there was a possibility that it might kill her. This thing is scary as hell. Trump appeared in public for the fourth time since Election Day to announce efforts to lower prescription drug prices. The newest restrictions require people not on essential errands to stay home from 10 p. Abortion is legal in South Dakota. Whether you can get one is another story. The former national security adviser said the Trump administration is handing the Taliban a victory. The work of the U. The number of Republicans publicly saying the election is over has grown over the weekend. The incoming administration still has no formal access to current government officials. The following is a transcript of an interview with former national security adviser H. The Laird Family of New Jersey has been producing applejack, or apple brandy, for nine generations. Correspondent Mo Rocca drinks in the history of the alcoholic beverage that helped fortify a revolution, put at least one president in the White House, and is — even in these sobering times — keeping spirits up. A favorite tri-colored treat, traditionally made in honor of the Italian flag, gets a stylish update incorporating all the colors of the rainbow. The rainbow cookie, a favorite tri-colored treat — traditionally made in honor of the Italian flag — gets a stylish update incorporating all the colors of the rainbow. New Yorker magazine contributor Kelefa Sanneh takes a bite. The oldest continuously-running Chinese restaurant in the U. Correspondent Luke Burbank visits the multi-generational family business and takes a step into culinary history. The Sentinel-6 satellite is the first of two in a billion-dollar program to monitor Earth's oceans. Apple's new magnetic accessories and wireless chargers are expensive and clunky. They're also the coolest iPhone upgrade in years. Most job applicants have no clue they're being evaluated by AI. The city wants to change that. Nvidia says its cloud gaming service can now run on Safari browser on iPhones and iPads and will soon enable users to access Fortnite.

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