Agile software development describes a unique approach to computer programming. The popularity of the concept really took off more than a decade ago in when a group of experienced software developers got together to document the best way to develop software. Over the years, the popularity of the agile approach is increasing as individuals, project teams, and entire companies recognize a variety of benefits. While the length of these iterations may vary project to project and team to team, they typically last between 7 days and one month. One of the major differences between the two approaches involves the issue of software testing. In the waterfall approach, software is created and then tested just before implementation. With agile, software testing is done on an ongoing basis, repeatedly throughout the coding process. This is an organized, collaborative approach that encourages cross-functional teamwork, regular communication, and a clear focus towards well-specified common goals. The popularity of agile software programming has grown exponentially over the past decade for a number of different reasons, and there are now many champions of this approach. Follow along to learn five benefits of the agile approach to software development:. This decreases the chance that programmers get too far off track on a project, and when problems do happen, they are more easily identified and corrected more quickly. This helps people recognize accomplishments and better measure progress which tends to increase overall morale both individually and on a team. The scrum framework establishes an organized process for daily communication and responsibility, creating tighter team bonds and greater project clarity. In the end, this typically leads to fewer errors and higher overall quality. Predictable costs also improve decision making about priority features and project changes. While agile programming is dynamic and includes a range of approaches and preferences, the fundamental structure to agile software development yields some clear benefits for business leaders, software developers, project managers and others. Given the many benefits of this unique approach to programming and project management, it is likely that the popularity of agile for developing software will only continue to increase. Post Views: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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