Between Jan. Like, WTAF? How can a justice minister not know carding is street checks by another name? What is the streets that police needs to check? They only check certain neighborhoods! That is also racist. Study after study has shown that it doesn't prevent crime. It also does not reduce crime. Madu said Thursday that police can only collect personal information from the public in specific circumstances, and must make it clear that people have a right not to answer questions and do not have to provide personal identification. Edmonton's police chief said he thinks quarterly audits mandated by the province will stop any abuses. Edmonton police have conducted seven internal street-check audits since , and said the last three have shown a per-cent compliance rate with the guidelines set down by a centralized approval process. EPS released the results of its most recent audit to the police commission on Thursday. Out of the 3, street check reports, an internal team reviewed , or about five per cent of the total. Ogbogu said the findings would be more meaningful if a larger number of cases had been looked at and if the audit had been conducted externally. Janice Johnston is an award-winning journalist in Edmonton who has covered the courts and crime for more than two decades. You can reach her at janice. Edmonton Critics see no difference between police street checks and now-banned carding Edmonton police released the results of a recent internal audit into street checks at the same time as the Alberta justice minister announced a province-wide ban on carding. Social Sharing. In , 6, street checks were conducted during the same time period, about 38 a day. Alberta bans carding, imposes new rules on street checks Street checks continue to decline in Edmonton "Carding is the practice of randomly requesting personal information when there are no reasonable grounds," according to the EPS website. About the Author. Janice Johnston.

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