In short, Islam is internal, external, and eternal peace that is acquired by willingly submitting our will to the will of God, and by following His last prophet, Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him , who is not the founder of Islam, but rather, its last prophet. Indeed, all of the prophets of God are Muslims. Every one of them preached the monotheistic message of Islam, which is the name of the peaceful and beautiful way of life in this world that guarantees eternal life in Paradise. Salvation is attained through righteous deeds that are an extension of correct faith, whereby sincerity is upheld in both. The road to Paradise is temporary, and filled with thorns, while the road to Hell is temporary, and filled with flowers. The first is one in which things that appear unpleasant to us thorns are actually for our spiritual benefit, and the second is one in which things that appear very pleasant to us flowers can actually be harmful and destructive to our souls. Despite the fact that they are temporary roads, the destinations are eternal. In order to have patience with these thorns and hardships, one needs to understand the attributes of Allah. What differentiates us from animals is that we do not simply act upon our desires. Rather, we have the ability to control them i. We should not allow desires and delusions to distract us from Islam. Islam is two relationships, one that is primarily and predominately with the Creator, and the second is to the creation yourself, your parents, your family, your neighbors, your friends, strangers, animals, and the inanimate. We must uphold both of these relationships in an Islamic manner. Simply put, everything that begins to exist has a cause — the universe began to exist, thus it has a cause, and Allah is that Causer. These are just a few of His Divine attributes. As human beings, we must understand that we are finite and limited in knowledge i. While we may have a pixel, Allah has the picture, and beyond. We simply have to trust Him and His Good Plan. We should never allow a thorn to push us away from the destination of Paradise, nor should we allow the lack of people traveling on the straight path to change our beliefs. Allah does not just love those whom are patient, He rewards them generously and infinitely. He is Al-Kareem the Most Generous. Allah is also As-Samad, the One and Only Who needs no one or anything, yet everyone and everything needs Him to exist and to continue to exist. Allah is worthy of worship by virtue of who He is. He is worthy of worship because He is our Creator. He is worthy of our worship because of the innumerable blessings He bestows upon us, for which we are not grateful enough or ungrateful altogether. Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him is not the founder of Islam. Rather, he is its final Prophet. All of the Prophets who preceded him preached Islam by conveying the Monotheistic Message. With regards to whether or not Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him was a liar, deluded, or telling the truth:. Was he a liar? A liar normally lies to receive some worldly gain.

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