As the Netflix cast continues to film its highly anticipated return, their Instagram account teases fans with eight new characters joining the show! There's more to Hailey Bieber than just being a model! Find out about her mind-blowing hidden talent, her matching tattoo with BFF Kendall Jenner and so much more! A royal "what's mine is yours" attitude! Season 4 of the hit Netflix series is here and Morgan Stewart is emotionally invested. Find out which actor she is obsessed with and who's her favorite royal. What if you had it all but nobody to call? Take a look into how the year-old popstar rose from his darker days. We've all seen those photos of Khloe Kardashian dressed as Kris Jenner in the garbage The actor chats with Jimmy Fallon about his extremely awkward experience sitting next to the late princess at the "Back To The Future" movie premiere. After the trailer drops for her new film, the "Together" singer receives swift backlash for casting Maddie Ziegler as an autistic character. Rehan Staton balanced his studies with his job as a sanitation worker to support his family and was able to fight his way to Harvard. Hear his inspiring story! After Demi poked fun at their ended engagement at the E! People's Choice Awards, Max Ehrich accuses her of being "not chill. The game show co-host explains her and Pat Sajak's perfect partnership, pre-game show rituals and more on the long-running family show. The "WAP" rapper tries to get her sexy on for Instagram, but the moment is interrupted when her 2-year-old daughter Kulture makes a cameo. It's a must-see! Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa's new "Prisoner" video adds to 's list of female artists taking risks in music. Watch "Daily Pop" weekdays at 11am 10c, only on E! The "Rain on Me" singer and the A-list actor are set to join forces for a new action thriller--so will Brad Pitt be her new Bradley Cooper? The "Empire" star gives sage advice on being 50 and fierce, reveals the best dishes she makes for Thanksgiving and praises BTS. In their latest baking video, the "KUWTK" star and her toddler daughter wear matching green pajamas while making Grinch-inspired cupcakes. Being the "Bachelorette" sure gets you a lot of attention! Would haters eat Cardi B's clapback? Plus, Brie remembers painful labor with Birdie as she preps for baby No. Charli might not be able to dance her way out of this one. RiRi shows off her new hairstyle--but she's not the only woman in Hollywood who has rocked the iconic '70s hairdo. Presented by Heineken. The "WAP" rapper wins the coveted Billboard Women of the Year title and has a few words for those who think she doesn't deserve it. Watch now! Michael J. Keeping Up. TV Scoop. Exclusive Interviews. In memoriam. Daily Pop.

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