Amidst a rising death toll that is being recorded in Russia due to the Covid pandemic, Moscow will be hosting the 12 th Brics Summit which will bring, face to face, virtually for the second time in a month, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and Chinese premier Xi Jinping. Read more:. BRICS needs to find its mojo once again. India-Latin America relations are being powered by economic diplomacy. Can India provide much-needed leadership on climate change? But more than the diplomatic optics lies another underlying fact — Brics, since it was formed, has failed to live up to its original purpose which was to add economic heft, technological sophistication and political power. Members of BRICS countries have been negotiating through a fragmented global order and the destruction caused by the pandemic. The organization thus far has failed to live up to its promise since its inception. Thanks to the pandemic the world and a global order has been turned upside down and the members of Brics have been trying to negotiate past economic challenges of their own. Strengthening of and respecting previously existing bilateral ties will be the order of the day. It would behove China to be cognisant of this. More to read:. India and Saudi Arabia share a tried and tested friendship. India-US relations are set for a win-win run. India-Japan set to ramp up their relationship to a higher level. It will be more beneficial for Beijing to stop the sabre rattling — as it loses international standing among nations — and focus on key global issues — efforts to contain the Covid virus; reform of the multilateral system; cooperation in counter terrorism; trade; health; energy and people to people exchange. It is worth noting that India will take over the chairmanship of the 13 th edition of Brics its third time since and for its next edition which will be hosted in New Delhi. The current edition of Brics will, no doubt, show the real, enabling, healing, collaborative face of India as it stands up to be counted as one among the leading nations of the world. The destabilizing efforts of Beijing will not erode global opinion against New Delhi, even while China stands to be viewed with suspicion on multiple fronts. Still more to read:. Climate impacts can severely damage economic activity. India and Iran find themselves in the crosshairs of US-China bipolarity. Social distancing from China bringing India and the US closer? India strides across Asia with its influence and inspiration. The growing synergy between India and SaudiArabia sets an example of cooperation for other countries in the G20, said former ambassador Mahesh Sachdeva ahead of the G20 summit that is taking place in Saudi Arabia on Nov. There have been expectations that the G20 will unveil an economic stimulus programme as well as a framework for debt reductions for poor countries at the summit as the coronavirus pandemic threatens to leave long-lasting scars on the global economy. The theme for the upcoming edition of the G20 — empowering people, safeguarding the planet and shaping new frontiers — are principles that India has been actively advocating across multiple platforms as the global community views it as a model example among the community of nations. Email: info indiaincgroup. Web: India Inc. Share This Article! Fragmented global order Members of BRICS countries have been negotiating through a fragmented global order and the destruction caused by the pandemic. Read more. November 16th, 2 Comments. November 16th, 1 Comment.

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