The legislature is proposing to eliminate juvenile justice and the juvenile court, and combine them into the adult system. Make an argument in favor of the legal philosophy that is the basis for the juvenile justice system and juvenile court. After defining the philosophy, discuss why it has been upheld throughout the years and why it should or should not be maintained. Your participation and initial post in this discussion must utilize critical thinking in the following ways:. Close Menu About Us. Purchase Confirmation. Purchase History. Transaction Failed. Free Turnitin Plagiarism Checker. Privacy Policy. Your participation and initial post in this discussion must utilize critical thinking in the following ways: Cite expert opinion from your text and other academic sources to support your statements. Cite expert opinion from your text and additional academic, peer-reviewed journal articles, books, and textbooks to support your responses that are not provided in or linked from the course. Provide real-world examples to illustrate your statements. Ask a probing question to challenge others and yourself! Supreme Court is the highest court in our…. Click Here To Get Started!

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