Show all documents Her greatest gratitude and appreciation to herbeloved mother and father Ibu Winarni and Bapak Suyadi, for the love, motivation, trust, financial, support, all the prayer and guidance given to the researcher. Thanks for every prayer that makes the writer feels better and optimist. You are the best mom for me,. The aims of this research are classifying translation shifts of adjective clause and describing the equivalence of translation in Sinister Movie and its Subtitle. The theory applies the descriptive research. The data of the research are English-Indonesian sentences containing the adjective clauses and its translation. The source of data is Sinister Movie. The method of collecting data is watching the film, underlying the adjective clause , writing the every sentence which contain adjective clause in SL and TL, and coding and classifying the data which contain the adjective clause. Data of the research are English of adjective clauses and its subtitle. Data source of the research is adjective clause find in the data source which is the Sinister movie and its subtitle. The technique of data analysis is 1 comparing the adjective clause with the Indonesian adjective clause. This research studies about the translation of adjective phrase in the novel I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore and its translation. The objective of the studies are to classify the translation shift of adjective phrase and to describe the equivalent and non- equivalent of the translation shift in the novel I Am Number Four. This studies implies a desciptive qualitative research. The object of the studies are the variety of adjective phrase translation in the novel I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore and its translation. The way to collect data is using docummentation method. The way to analize data is using comparison method. To answer the translation shifts of verb phrase found in Hunger Games 2 subtitle as the first obejctive of the study, the writer shows the theory of shift which applied in verb phrase. Whitman proposes that verb phrase consists of an auxiliary, a main verb, and a complement. The auxiliary itself composed from formed of an obligatory element of tense, followed by choices modal, perfect, and progressive structures, with some possible annexations in all. Then, there are many translation shift in subtitle of the movie. Translation shift is shift or changes that happened in the process of transforming the message from Source language into Target Language. To prove the originality of this study, the writer wants to present the previous study dealing with this topic. This sentence is categorized into compound sentence. Compound sentence is a sentence which contains two independent clauses joined by a coordinator. I In According to Catford textual equivalence is that the portion of a TL text which is changed when and only when a given portion of the SL text is changed. When the clause elements of a TL text is changed, it must has same portion with the clause elements of the SL text. Mona Baker states that a clause consists of two segments. The first segment is called the theme. The theme is what the clause is about. At clause level, a speaker announces the topic of his or her message by thematizing it, that is, by putting in initial position. The second segment of clause is called the rheme.

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