I come across many people women in particular who are scared of strength training due to not feeling they have the skills, or having been exposed to incorrect information. After having my babies, I used to spend hours every week running up to 50km in total to try to burn fat and love my body again. My journey started in when I became a group exercise instructor. As fate would have it there was a Metafit course on when I was already in Sydney for training so I signed up! Despite all the effort I was putting in running, and doing other exercise no strength training , doing a Metafit session as part of the course absolutely killed me! I was shocked, a little deflated, but also determined. I made a personal commitment to myself to do 2 x Metafit tracks a week for the next 3 months to see if it was all it was cracked up to be before I decided to teach classes to others. After a year or so of teaching Metafit I signed up for a High Intensity Resistance Training course to learn more about how to train with weights, and my love has grown from there. Everyone — literally! Most people think of bodybuilders in the gym but in my opinion, everyone should include strength training and I use it in particular with clients for:. My goal is to break it down and make it less scary so more people can benefit. I do this by providing a private and fully supported training space, which is nothing like the typical gymnasium environment where you are left to fend for yourself. If your friend is doing weights and looks bigger, it is likely due to unmanaged nutritional factors such as increased appetite. But, research shows that resistance training will increase your lean muscle mass, which does way more for improving your body composition than deducting exercise calories from what you eat. One research review found an average 1 injury per 1, hours of training. This means you might get an injury every 4 years lifting weights vs every months running marathons. Progressive overload and focused training blocks do. I work on the bare minimum free weights with my clients. All you really need is push, pull, squat, hinge and press. These can all be done with a barbell and a few plates. Building muscle, instead of losing it. In theory, you can go on a diet, put yourself in a medium to large calorie deficit, do no exercise and you will lose weight and body fat. BUT, you will also lose your lean muscle tissue, and risk re-gaining more body fat later. Yes, nutrition is a big part of the picture but resistance training does more than a high protein diet alone for building muscle. This will ultimately result in a more toned and leaner physique. You can track it — Exercise vs training. Following and recording your training blocks means you can see your progress. Stronger joints. Your strength training programme should improve your joint health, due to less impact than sports and cardio, in addition to strengthening the muscles that support your joints and movement. Bone density. Avoid osteoporosis using strength training to improve your bone density and remain independent for your later years.

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