How many units of your new MP3 Player did you sell? How does this compare to the other products in this market segment? What was the Awareness index for your new MP3 Player? What was the Product Contribution for your new product? Do you believe your New Product Launch went to plan? Why or why not? What would you have done differently? What will you change about the strategy of your new product going forward? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. November 13, Elements of the required response may also be lacking. The answer is complete. No aspects of the required answer are missing. Or the student failed to submit a final paper. There are major errors in the formation of the references and citations. The Student fails to provide an adequate synthesis of research collected for the paper. Frequent errors in APA 6 th Edition format, leaving the reader confused about the source of the information. There are significant errors of the formation in the references and citations. APA 6 th Edition is used with only a few minor errors. APA 6 th Edition format is used accurately and consistently. The student uses above the maximum required references in the development of the assignment. The paper omits significant structural elements required for and APA 6 th edition paper. Formatting of the paper has major flaws. The paper does not conform to APA 6 th edition requirements whatsoever. They can include the omission of the cover page, abstract, and page numbers. Additionally the page has major formatting issues with spacing or paragraph formation. Font size might not conform to size requirements. The student also significantly writes too large or too short of and paper 7 points out of Research paper presents an above-average use of formatting skills. The paper has slight errors within the paper. This can include small errors or omissions with the cover page, abstract, page number, and headers. There could be also slight formatting issues with the document spacing or the font Additionally the paper might slightly exceed or undershoot the specific number of required written pages for the assignment.

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