The true number of global coronavirus infections may be up to six times greater than the reported number of cases, analysis has found. Data also estimates that around 8 per cent of the UK population - 5. The modelling study used data from 15 countries to estimate the true number of infections across a combined population of more than million people. Researchers found that in Italy, estimated cases were In some countries - including the UK, Italy, France and Belgium - the reported number of cases represented less than 10 per cent of the true number, the found. Australia had the best level of detection among the 15 countries at the end of April, the team said. But they added the rate of infection there may have been five times higher than what was officially reported at the end of August. The Independent. Professor Quentin Grafton, of Australian National University, said: "We found Covid infections are much higher than confirmed cases across many countries, and this has important implications for both control and the probability of infection. He added: "These findings raise serious questions about how we deal with all facets of the coronavirus pandemic, including ongoing morbidity and life-long health impacts for people who have been infected, how we implement and manage lockdowns, and how we make sure we are on top of this pandemic more broadly. The researchers used a method known as "backcasting", where they examined Covidrelated deaths and compared this with the time from infection to symptoms and time from symptoms to death. The authors said this method allows them to provide a 95 per cent confidence interval around their estimated population infection rate. Analysis showed that infection rates between March and August across the 15 countries were, on average, 6. Dr Steven Phipps, from Ikigai Research in Australia, said: "Simply put, we analysed statistics on how many people had died from Covid in a given country and then worked backwards to see how many people would have to have been infected to arrive at that number of deaths. Watch for updates on the Microsoft News Blog. Brexit deal could have to be ratified in retrospect, as time runs out on New Year deadline. Classical highlights for the week ahead: November. Jenny Powell sports a camouflage coat for dog walk. Greenock Morton: First football club in Scotland goes vegetarian. Stocks make small gains after Pfizer applies for vaccine approval in US. Is it OK to drink alcohol with a cold? Kia's mystery EV crossover spied silently attacking the Nurburgring. Five amazing bridge designs that never became a reality. House Democrats want answers. You can now rent a royal's wardrobe - and donate to charity at the same time. Brexit trade deal outcome: what's in it for UK markets. Garmin schools Fitbit and Apple Watch with a new tracking feature that women have been crying out for. Sleep deprivation effects: 5 things that happen to your body when you don't get enough sleep. Is Britain ready for electric cars? This is Money podcast. I'm A Celebrity standbys that didn't get on - and staggering amount they get paid. Trump is still busy trying to bulldoze democracy. Review: Kelsey Waldon covers weighty topics on new album. Grace Wales Bonner has made the perfect adidas three-stripe tracksuit. Raptors to start NBA season in Tampa. Black Friday Argos launch huge sales across tech, household appliances, and beauty. Calls to extend stamp duty holiday mount as fears of slump grow. Oppo's new phone is a Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 killer — and it looks wild. World's oldest penguin dies: 'Grandma', 46, is put to sleep. Best new cars coming in

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