I spent my college years spying on the enemy. When you want to graduate from a college where virtually the whole administration is bordering on communist, you keep your thoughts to yourself. This has an interesting effect though; people assume you agree with them, and they leave you alone. And so, unintentionally, I spied. And then there was myself. I wanted to be left alone. My goal was to make it through school to get married and have kids and buy a house and develop my hobbies. And second, that this desire is why conservatives lose. Consider an analogous situation. Imagine two politicians running for governor of your state. The other is an ambitious career politician who is, naturally, the incumbent, and who campaigns on an endless spending spree. Knowing nothing else, which of these two politicians do you vote for? The first wants to become governor reluctantly. The second lusts for the office. Like the One Ring, while it is dangerous for anyone to carry, it is unquestionably less dangerous if it is carried by someone who has no interest in using it. Here is the conservative conundrum, then: conservatives ought to engage in culture and politics despite a strong desire to avoid both and retreat to quiet indifference. We ought to run for office, and campaign for good candidates without swearing allegiance to particular parties. Without overcoming this good desire just enough to do these things in spite of it, conservatives will lose. We cannot afford to retreat. The ascendancy of the insane left think AOC and modern campus culture was not the result of some spontaneous change in the West. They had an abundance of patience. It seem strange that radicals would be more patient, but it does make some sense. We think about vacations with our families and what we do when we retire. We think about the next project at work and how we can make some money with some side business out of our garage. The radical left has been focused on revolution while everyone else reacts with short-lived outrage at each new foray into insanity a significant number of Americans think there is no meaningful distinction between men and women and then quickly finds ways to accept it. Every major form of media and culture is dominated by the radical left. Since politics is downstream of culture, and since culture is just religion made public, that means the dark death cult governing us is really a result of the dark death cult in our hearts. The third weakness for conservatives is that we tend to avoid getting involved in the culture. Any Christian art is relegated to Christian bubbles, and Christians have a low view of art, if we are going to be honest with each other. First, conservatives need to get involved in local politics. Churches should be involved in this, but this year has demonstrated that many churches are very sick, and not with a virus. Second, conservatives need to make plans. Ambitious plans not made in ambition. We need to figure out what effect we want to have fifty years from now and work toward it.

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