Jump to navigation. Fulbright Teacher Exchanges provide opportunities for elementary and secondary educators, in the U. Previous Pause Next. Previous Sports Diplomacy Sports diplomacy uses the universal passion for sports as a way to transcend linguistic and sociocultural differences and bring people together. Study Abroad The U. Department of State offers full scholarships for American high school students to study abroad. Fulbright Program Designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. IVLP Connects current and emerging foreign leaders with their American counterparts via short-term programs. Cultural Heritage Center Specializing in the protection and preservation of these irreplaceable resources, working on many fronts to safeguard the patrimony of other countries. ECA Impact by State. Read story. ECA News. November 16, November 5, October 30, Read more. October 20, View more news. ECA on Twitter. Join the conversation at t. The OpenDoorsReport revealed that 31 percent of American students studying abroad identify as racial or ethic… t. Enjoyed attending the handover ceremony for the expodubai U. Once completed, the pavilion will be… t. I had a great first day in the UAE, where I met with StevensInit to discuss ways to expand virtual exchanges betwe… t. About the Assistant Secretary. Fulbright Teacher Exchanges Fulbright Teacher Exchanges provide opportunities for elementary and secondary educators, in the U. Learn more. Discover facts about all 50 states.

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