The story occurs in the early twentieth century in Latin America a place where family and honor are highly regarded, they are essential in order to achieve social respect. Santiago Nasar is a wealthy bachelor of Arab descent who lives in the Colombian village in which the story takes place, he is one of the main characters and the murder victim. He is definitely a flat character mainly because his type is well established and defined as a seducer, womanizer and a symbol of machismo. From this advance in the event in which the story will culminate the reader can conclude that he will be the victim of an assassination. It is the sole preoccupation of the pages in between. And on the first we more or less know that it has already happened. From the narrator himself the reader knows that Nasar is having a bad dream in which he is walking in a drizzle through a timber forest. His mother who is renowned for her ability to interpret dreams fails to do in this case. In other words the whole village itself contributes to the events which would ultimately culminate in an assassination which could have been prevented. He narrates how he is going one by one with the witnesses to attempt to gather more information which would contribute to arrange the puzzle of the tragedy, he even relies on personal records of the participants and in documents from the trial of the Vicario brothers. Angela Vicario is the sister of Pedro and Pablo Vicario, she is the bride of Bayardo San Roman who is a man of a wealthy family who came to town looking for someone to marry and had chosen her. On that night Bayardo San Roman discovered that his bride Angela Vicario was not a virgin and returned her to her house. It is clear that there is not strong evidence that Santiago Nasar was her actual perpetrator, but information from the story forces the reader to be a skeptic and speculate that it had been someone else who Angela Vicario did not remember at that time. From this it can be inferred that the assassination of Santiago Nasar was a mistake and a tragedy since he was not guilty of dishonoring Angela Vicario. They prepared to murder Santiago Nassar and grabbed butcher knives which they used to slaughter pigs and began their journey stopping first at the local butcher shop in which they sharpened their knives and took every opportunity to inform bystanders of the task of murder they had ahead in hopes that they would be stopped from committing such a travesty. Even with their plans revealed to every possible person they could find, nobody stops them from committing the crime. It was almost as if the town wanted to see a cold blood murder or felt that it was a necessary action of honor that must not be stopped. The authorities themselves which are informed of the plans of the Vicario brothers. Colonel Lazaro Aponte told me. Along the way three people stopped him to inform him in secret that the Vicario brothers were waiting for Santiago Nasar to kill him, but only one person could tell him where. Indeed Chronicle of a Death Foretold portrays the dark side of Hispanic culture, but it illustrates it in its pure essence which is what gives the story its magnificent theme which can fully be appreciated by the Spanish reader. The main characters are flat characters and the rest of the characters which constitute bystanders and family members of the main characters are nothing but static characters. There are three types of conflict present in the story: Man vs. Man vs. Himself is also present in the tragedy in which the Vicario brothers informed everyone they could of the murder they are about to commit with hope that they would be stopped, because they feel forced to do it since is their responsibility of honor, but does not represent their personal feelings. But in any case, they waited, and this time it was Pedro Vicario who thought his brother was wasting time on purpose. While they were drinking their coffee, Prudencia Cortes came into the kitchen in all her adolescent bloom, carrying a roll of old newspapers to revive the fire in the stove. This piece of textual evidence supports the claim that the Vicario brothers were under pressure to commit the murder of the man who had dishonored their sister and their family. Throughout the story there is strong symbolism which foreshadows and surrounds the murder of Santiago Nassar for example the floral decorations of the wedding party which reminded Santiago Nassar of funerals. That precision would haunt me for many years, because Santiago Nasar had often told me that the smell of closed-in flowers had an immediate relation to death for him, and that day he repeated it to me as we went into the church. References to death and sorrow are made through symbolism throughout the story for example the disagreement on the weather that day which some claim have been rainy and others sunny. Rain ultimately makes reference to death by its dark chromatism produced by the shadow of clouds. One of the significant arguments that critics have expressed towards the translation of Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gregory Rabassa is the fact that the novel cannot be fully understood from a North American point of view as Mr. This is a very true argument. There are scenes in the novel in which certain Latin American conservative traditions cannot be translated to the English reader since the novel was written in an individualistic Spanish. The tragedy was clearly foretold, but due to the strict moral and honor codes characteristic of Latin America the murder was allowed to take place. The language and boundaries of this ideology are a fundamentally medieval tradition—a matter of honor.

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