We witness these journeys not only through observations of a character going through a personal transformation but a whole culture around him who is likewise in turmoil. This film allows us to join in on an adventure and journey of the character, the world he enters and the people he meets. The story is based on a time just after the Civil War, a time when the modern western world. One of them is the last Samurai movie. It published in This movie is about an American epic historical war film. Nathan Algren as the main character portrays a formerly retired officer of the United States 7th Cavalry Regiment, who is personal and emotional conflicts bring him into contact with samurai warriors in the wake of the Meiji Restoration in 19th Century Japan. So, this essay will discuss about the analysis of the Last Samurai using a theory. Because in this film. Hollywood and Orientalism have traditionally had an inter-twined relationship that continues to persist even today. Orientalism can be described in three different ways. Once Japan realized how far behind they were in technology, they opened their gates to foreigners. This led the Boshin War, a civil war between the remaining Samurais and the rest of the country pushing for a more modern and foreign influenced country. It shows how Japanese manners, fighting methods, clothing, honor, and ultimately their entire way of life is different. I have chosen to talk about the movie The Last Samurai. This is a movie that takes places in Japan, with Captain Nathan Algren as one of the main characters. He was hired to lead an attack against a rebellion of Samurais, who were opposing to the use of firearms. The leader of the rebellion, whose name was Katsumoto spares Captain Algren life and takes him into his town for recovery. Once healthy Captain Algren learns the history. In Game of Thrones follows the life of Eddard Stark, a loyal, honourable, and responsible father trying to survive in a ruthless world in Westeros. In comparison, The Last Samurai follows the life of Nathan Algren, a civil war veteran who uses alcoholic as a way to escape from his traumatic. And if nothing else you'll be remembered as the one guy who ever did this… this one thing. The Last Samurai Think about your friends, family, and your loved ones for a second. Think about what luxuries you have and how you have come to love them. Now imagine being thrown onto enemy territory, a lonely and dangerous place with nothing. In order to survive you must communicate with the enemy and learn to live their way—the total opposite culture you hate. Macro Fall Test 1 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. Sophia is planning her activities for a hot summer day. She would like to go to the local swimming pool and see the latest blockbuster movie, but because she can only get tickets to the movie for the same time that the pool is open she can only choose one activity. This illustrates the basic principle that a. These are the words of Katsumoto, an important samurai warrior. The movie The Last Samurai directed by Edward Zwick is about an American War Captain named Nathan Algren who is hired to train, lead and modernize a group of Japanese soldiers to defeat a rebellion of the country's remaining Samurai in

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