As the largest, oldest, and wealthiest of the original thirteen colonies, Virginia played a central role in the fight for independence and as a state in the new republic. This importance is reflected in the number of Virginians who filled key national leadership positions. In The Great Virginia Triumvirate, John Kaminski presents a series of biographical portraits that bring these three men remarkably to life for the modern reader. To cut through this fog of myth, Kaminski relies on the words of the three Virginians themselves, sharing with us a trio of eloquent, and often candid, voices. Jefferson once told John Adams that he had not written a history of his times because that history was to be found in his correspondence, where he could be especially direct and honest. Kaminski also turns to the people who personally knew the three great Virginians—their friends, family, acquaintances, and enemies. Taken from letters, speeches, diaries, and memoirs, the quotations and vignettes included here shed light on the actual person behind each public image. We ship anywhere in the U. Click here for updates on hours and services. Harvard University harvard. Advanced Search. Our Shelves. Gift Cards. Add a gift card to your order! Choose your denomination:. Thanks for shopping indie! Paperback On Its Way. Details Look Inside Customer Reviews. Author John P. There are no customer reviews for this item yet. Support Harvard Book Store Shop early, shop local, and help support our future. New This Week Shop this week's new arrivals, updated every Tuesday. Subscribe to Our E-mail Newsletter.

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