The Vietnam War was the longest in U. It was extremely conflicting in the U. Because the U. Since the war ended, there have been many Psychological effects of the war. Fifty-eight thousand. Among those still suffering are several veterans who have felt forgoteen, unappreciated, and even discriminated against. For some of them, the trauma of their battle experiences or their physical disabilites have shattered their lives. For even more, adjustment to civilian life has not been easy. When the veterans returned after the war, many of the veterans would have felt isolated, unappreciated, and exploited for serving the country because they were many of them just graduated out of high school and were sent to a guerrilla warfare far away from your home. While they are in the war, they were exposed to a lot of stress, confusion, anxiety, pain, and hatred. Then they were sent back home with no readjustment to the lifestyle in the states, no deprogramming of what you learned from the military, and no welcome home parades. They are portrayed to the public as a crazed psychopathic killer with no morals or control over their aggression. They find that theres nobody that they can talk to or who can understand what youve been through, not even their family. As they re-emerge into civilization, they struggle to establish a personal identity or a place in society because they lack the proper education and job skills. There are no supportive groups to help them find their way in their lives. May 28, Accessed December 13, January 22, Accessed December 13, May 9, During the vietnam war, in order to meet its required war efforts , factories in the U. This change caused a plunge in shopping rates, thus hurting the economy. Military fund spent overseas also led to budget deficits which caused a weaker dollar, galloping inflation and increasing interest rates. Because of the Vietnam war, American economy was brought down from its growth in early s to an economic crisis in s. Even when it already ended, the war continued to cost many American lives. Its estimated that 70, to , Vietnam Veterans committed suicide and around , veterans suffered psychological trauma. PTSD is a development of characteristic symptoms following a psychologically distressing event. Combat experience remains the variable most often linked to PTSD among veterans. The frequency of PTSD was a lot higher among those with high levels of exposure to combat compared to the noncombatants. PTSD was not taken seriously until the 's when many veterans were complaining of similar symptoms. These symptoms had been noticed after previous wars but there were only a couple of cases. In some cases, veterans did not experience their symptoms until a year after they returned. Thus, it was very easy for the government to ignore the effects of PTSD because it had such a delayed reaction. It changed their sense of identity and perspective of society. The various social, moral, and psychological conflicts that they encountered in battle changed their lives. Upon returning home, the veteran felt a sense of uncertainty and alienation from himself and society.

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