Quite often, Creon is mentioned as the tragic hero in Antigone, the third of the Theban plays. Is it possible, though, that an Antigone tragic hero essay could take another tack? Is it possible there is more than one tragic hero of Antigone? Most commonly, a tragic hero is a character who, in spite of their good intentions, is doomed to downfall , suffering or defeat. The most classic tragic hero of all, of course, is Oedipus himself. Doomed from even before his birth by a prophecy, Oedipus does all he can to avoid his fate. His own pride and lack of knowledge work against him, and in the end, he fulfills the tragic prophecy. His storyline ends and that of his children picks up in Antigone. Tragic hero stories ordinarily contain a character who falls to their own hubris. How is Antigone a tragic hero? Her flaw is not pride nor hubris, but rather a fierce dedication and love of her family. She shows a great deal of courage both in Oedipus at Colonus, when she steadfastly accompanies her father, and in Antigone. Her loyalty to her family is stronger than her fear of the punishment promised by the king. Her outstanding achievement includes going, in the night, and defying the orders of her uncle, Creon, to bury her brother Polyneices. In order to do this, she must slip past the guards and do difficult and heavy work very quickly and likely in the dark, as secretively as possible. Her noble character is expressed in her unwavering loyalty to her family. Her character is subtly emphasized at the beginning of the play, when she meets with Ismene to inform her of what she plans. Ordinarily, a tragic hero is doomed by some flaw in their own character. Oedipus was doomed by his lack of knowledge- not knowing he was adopted. He was the victim of two negative traits: ignorance and hubris. His attempts to circumvent the prophecy and the will of the gods are borne of his belief that he can outrun the prediction. Oedipus, upon hearing the prophecy that he will murder his father and marry his mother, flees. And by fleeing from his home in Corinth to try to escape the prophecy, he unknowingly puts himself in the position of fulfilling it. Antigone does not suffer hubris, nor is she ignorant of her situation. The play Antigone is unusual because it contains two tragic heros. The obvious one is the character Creon , whose stubborn pride costs him nearly everything. Having already lost his two nephews to war, he loses his niece and his own son. Why is Antigone a tragic hero? The uncle and his niece are both strong-willed characters. Antigone shows unusual courage for a female in Greek mythology. While most women are portrayed as wives, daughters, or mothers, Antigone has lost her father and her husband plays a relatively minor part in the conflict. Her own mother Jocastra once tried to have her son, Oedipus, murdered as an infant to prevent the carrying out of the tragic prophecy.

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