Please note: this article is a co-production with undergraduate history and film students at Richmond, the American International University of London. It was written in a time of COVID as an experiment in alternate assessment forms when regular classes and seminars were not always an option. It was also a useful way for students to apply the lessons of theory and history to the present. Please also note that there are spoilers below. Apart from Rosa the other members of Ares appear entirely European and extremely rich and well-connected. This postcolonial call to deconstruct the Dutch curriculum begins early in episode 1 when Rosa publicly rebukes a university professor for teaching straight out of a textbook. The arrival of Rosa thus disrupts both the Ares society as well as the traditional Dutch historical consensus. On the one hand, such dresses could allude to the fact that the members are Ares are still living in the past and holding onto older imperial attitudes. Another element of costuming to note are the small black masks, known as morrettas from the adjective moro for dark , and which are worn by members of Ares at official events. Held on by a small button that the wearer holds in their mouth, the masks thus represent that which is hidden or forced to remain silent. As he does so his fingers become infected with a black coating; when he then touches the leading members of Ares they commit suicide, a result of the fact that they are forced to once more face the evil deeds they committed to join Ares but had forgotten about as a result of vomiting the afore-mentioned black bile. As all the Ares leaders keep dying, Rosa is eventually offered the presidency of the organisation by Maurits Hans Kesting , one of the longest-standing members of the organisation. He sees in her someone ruthless and ambitious she even eliminates her friends as a way to achieve the presidency , as well as a person with the needed talents to keep the secret society alive. There is also the hint that a female black leader will allow the organisation to appear to move with the times. The mask she was forced to wear is removed and Rosa, instead of saving Ares, unleashes an orgy of bloodshed. Ares could be read as a gendered, as well as an anti-colonial, critique. Nevertheless, there is no doubting the dominant colonialist critique. It is not without irony that Bael, the daemon apparently responsible for giving the members of Ares their power to remove guilt by forgetting their acts of violence, is a mythological creature traditionally associated with invisibility Peterson 7. Unlike some other anti-colonial critiques to be found in film, such as Avatar James Cameron, , and which tend to offer one-dimensional opposing binary narratives of colonised and coloniser, what makes the series interesting is that there are no simple dichotomies. Indeed, Rosa is not an entirely sympathetic character. She abandons her parents in her pursuit of power and can be ruthless with friends. Ironically, it is Jacob, her Dutch and white male friend, who really keeps trying to uncover the dark history of Ares and who eventually sacrifices himself so that Rosa can ascend to the presidency of Ares and bring the entire society crashing down. Whilst Ares begins in a venue associated with a celebration of the high culture of the Netherlands, it is perhaps fitting that the last word in this critique belongs to the Horror genre which, like Science Fiction, tends to be associated with low-brow popular culture; both were tropes ignored entirely by Said in Orientalism Indeed, both genres, like black working-class Rosa, counter-balance official state-sanctioned historical and political viewpoints. Indeed, Ares turns things literally on their head. Firstly, its black character does not get killed, an all too common trope in numerous horror films with black characters, such as Alien Ridley Scott, Rather, Rosa survives and ascends to full power. Secondly, the viewer discovers in episode 8 that the inverted V symbol of the fictional Ares society, when turned right side up, is actually the real flag of the historical Dutch East India Company. There is no mistaking, therefore, the direct critique here on traditional historical narratives. Perdue, Peter C. Peterson, Joseph, H. Oxford: OUP:

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