WB have extensive experience of the manufacture of bespoke products for our customers. A top tier COMAH site, WB has a wide regulatory envelope which enables the handling and recycle of hazardous chemicals. The site operates a rigorous Process Safety Management System (PSMS) allowing the safe scale up of hazardous processes from the lab bench to multi tonne manufacturing plants. New process routes can be taken from g/ kg scale in the R&D laboratory through to 100’s kg in the pilot plant and onwards to multi tonne scale on our flexible manufacturing assets. Control of the physical properties of inorganic chemicals is our core capability. This enables the production of high purity rigorously defined functional materials. WB are open to work in any area of inorganic chemistry where we can add value using our core knowledge and capabilities. If you are interested in development of a new process/ product outside of our current range please contact us.

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