Chemistry innovation to meet emerging technological challenges for the benefit of mankind and our planet

From enhancing existing functionality to solving new-to-the-world technological puzzles

We address our customers’ most pressing chemistry problems in the most effective way possible, ranging from the enhancement of existing functionality through to solving new-to-the-world technological puzzles. William Blythe’s people lie at the heart of this capability – a unique fusion of talented chemists and manufacturing technology expertise – taking new products from the bench to commercial scale in the shortest of timelines. From PhD chemists in our laboratories through to COGENT Gold Standard trained process technicians in our plants, we are here to serve and excel.

The right laboratory and manufacturing facilities for the job

Our people are backed by investment in the latest chemistry research, development and analytical facilities, plus the manufacturing plant to move quickly through pilot scale to full commercial scale volume of new chemical products. The financial backing of our parent company Synthomer – one of the UK’s largest chemical companies – ensures we can rely on early access to the resources needed to give our customers a head start in meeting demands emerging over the horizon.

From nano-scale, functionalisation of chemical molecules to precision engineering of the physical form of a chemical product

Be it working on a nano-scale, functionalisation of chemical molecules, or precision engineering of the physical form of a chemical product, William Blythe‘s scientific and engineering team is looking forward to meeting your toughest challenges head on. 

Contact us today to learn how our innovation can benefit your organisation

Contact us today to learn more about William Blythe’s innovation capabilities and how they can benefit your organisation. 

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