Manufacturing to the highest safety, quality and environmental standards

William Blythe always strives to demonstrate its commitment to safety, health and the environment. Our facility in Church, Accrington, UK, is a top tier COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) 2015 site and operates under the integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC) regulations. The business is accredited to ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001, providing independent verification of its high standards in quality, environmental and energy management performance.

Under the Control of Major Accident Hazard Regulations (COMAH) 2015, William Blythe is required by law to communicate safety and emergency information to people who live and work near to our Church manufacturing site in Church, Accrington, UK.

The scope for distribution of this safety and emergency information is set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Environment Agency (EA), who are jointly the COMAH ‘Competent Authority’ and the area of distribution is referred to as the Public Information Zone (PIZ).

Emergency instructions for those in the Public Information Zone are issued in the form of a Public Safety Information leaflet that explains what local residents should do in the unlikely event that a major emergency should occur at the William Blythe Church Works.

Local residents and workers should take time to familiarise themselves with the advice in the leaflet and keep it in a place where it can be found quickly during an emergency. They should also make others in their home or place of work aware of the information in the leaflet.


Public Information Zone covering letter
Public Information Zone (PIZ) leaflet

Contact us today to learn more about our public safety information

If you are a local resident and would like a printed copy of the Public Safety Information leaflet, please contact our Safety, Health & Environment Manager - telephone +44 (0)1254 320279.

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