Committed to continuous improvement in safety, health and environmental performance

As part of the Synthomer group, William Blythe is fully committed to the group’s unstinting standards in its approach to corporate social responsibility. We place huge importance on our safety, health and environmental (SHE) obligations and performance. As a result, we take all reasonable steps to ensure that our operations and activities do not compromise the health and safety of our employees, sub-contractors or any third parties. Equally as important, we take the same level of care to ensure that our activities do not cause harm to the environment or the local communities in which we operate.

William Blythe has implemented Synthomer’s SHE Principles and 10 Golden Rules, which are focused on maintaining and improving the safe operation of our plants. In addition, we work closely with regulatory authorities to ensure that we continue to meet or exceed health and safety legal requirements.

We also recognise that our business activities have both direct and indirect impacts upon the environment. We are committed to managing these impacts in the most effective and responsible manner possible, using our risk management systems to continually improve our environmental performance. Our proactive SHE programme includes risk assessments, regular auditing, improved communication and regular monitoring.

In every activity we undertake, we ensure that our policies promote health, safety and environmental protection, prevent pollution, improve legal compliance and minimise waste.

SHE Principles and 10 Golden Rules

Our 10 SHE Principles and 10 Golden Rules, launched under the slogan “We always have time to work safely”, are now an integral part of how the Group operates.  

Our Safety, Health and Environment principles have been launched across all sites. The principles are:

  • Look after yourself
  • Look after each other
  • Effective last line of defence
  • Stop and think
  • Safe workplace
  • Safe vehicle, safe driver
  • Safe processes and operations
  • Safe systems of work
  • No change without assessment
  • Learning from our mistakes



Our 10 Golden Rules consolidate some basic best practice guidance for all employees:

  • 1. Do not access working areas without the required general and/or task-specific PPE
  • 2. Only carry out routine tasks for which you are trained and authorised, and use the specified tools and equipment for the job.
  • 3. On stairs and steps – take one at a time, using handrails where present.
  • 4. Only drive vehicles for which you are authorised, and follow all signs and rules.
  • 5. Do not by-pass safety devices or interlocks without prior authorisation.
  • 6. When a work permit is required, ensure it is valid and complete, and do not deviate from its requirements.
  • 7. Lock out and tag out all energy sources before working on equipment.
  • 8. On tankers and other vehicles, ensure the fall protection and/or handrail system is in place before accessing the top.
  • 9. Do not make any change, or carry out any non-routine work without following an accepted system with an appropriate assessment and authorisation.
  • 10. Immediately report injuries, incidents and near misses to your line manager.



Contact us today to learn more about our SHE performance

For more information about William Blythe’s safety, health and environmental performance, contact us.

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