CAS Number Assigned to Graphene Oxide Product

23.09.2021 | 09:46

To support the scale up of our graphene oxide product, we’re delighted to share that our material has been assigned a CAS number. This is an integral part of the REACH registration process. 



William Blythe understands that one of the key barriers to commercialising graphene applications is the supply of high quality product. Beginning the REACH registration process allows us to prepare for the future as we scale up the manufacturing route of our high quality graphene oxide. REACH registration is a key step in the commercialisation of a new chemical product. The registration process entails independently testing the products hazard profile which is then evaluated by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), ultimately resulting in enabling the sale of tonnage quantities of material into the UK and EU. 



To learn more about our graphene oxide, please go to the product page or contact our Technical Director, Mike Butler

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