Battery Materials Front Cover Research Article

14.04.2020 | 16:41

The research and development team at William Blythe are delighted to announce the publication of a journal article in ChemSusChem titled: “Utilising Cyclic Voltammetry to Understand the Energy Storage Mechanisms for Copper Oxide and its Graphene Oxide Hybrids as Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes”.


This work was conducted at William Blythe and the National Graphene Institute as part of a research project in collaboration with Prof. Robert Dryfe, who leads of the Electrochemistry Research Group at the University of Manchester. Starting in November 2017, the project was targeted at the development of novel high capacity graphene-related materials for use in the electric vehicle market. The research presented in this article highlights some key findings from the project in discovering the most favourable routes to incorporate graphene derivatives into battery active materials, whilst also developing techniques that can be employed to understand the mechanisms by which the materials store lithium ions conventional secondary battery applications.


After being formally reviewed by the journal, the article was then selected to feature on the front cover of the most recent special issue article centred around 2D energy storage materials. Follow the link to learn more about the story behind the research and the front cover graphic:

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