Covid-19 Update: April ‘20

21.04.2020 | 13:38

Since our last statement regarding the coronavirus pandemic the UK government has implemented necessary lockdown measures to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on the public health. Being classed as an essential industry, William Blythe has remained operational during this period to ensure security of supply to our customers, including those that manufacture products crucial to public health such as pharmaceutical and personal care. With the health of our employees at highest priority, we have implemented further measures to ensure that our staff remain safe during these uncertain times. These include:



  • Continuing with work from home arrangements for any workers not critical to product manufacture.
  • Implementing strict social distancing measures on site to minimise risk of infection.
  • Limiting on-site access to any non-staff persons e.g. contractors, deliveries.
  • Increasing the number of sanitiser stations across site.
  • Following any new advice from governmental and health organisations.



Whilst we cannot predict the future, through these measures and by working with our Logistics partners and maintaining our inventories, William Blythe are confident that the safety of our staff will be ensured whilst fulfilling the needs of our current and future customer base.


For further information on the recommended safety measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend visiting the WHO website or the website of other relevant Governmental health bodies.

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