GOpublications: Graphene Oxide Enhanced Organic Solvent Nanofiltration

23.02.2021 | 13:55

GOpublications is a new series of articles launched by William Blythe that will review the exciting academic research utilising our high-quality graphene oxide (GO) product in breakthrough technological developments. Each month the R&D team will investigate an academic publication and produce a summary of the findings in the form of a blog post on GOgraphene: William Blythe’s dedicated graphene oxide webshop.


The first blog in this series explores one of the first articles that used our GO back in 2018 by researchers at the University of Manchester. This study looked at the functionalisation of polymeric membranes with GO to  enhance the performance in both solvent rejection and selectivity in organic solvent nanofiltration technology (OSN). OSN is a key process used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and petrochemicals, and improvements in this technology could lead to cost reductions in the final product. To learn more about this research, please follow the link to GOgraphene.

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