Insights from PVC Formulation USA 2022 Conference

24.03.2022 | 09:52

Earlier this month we attended PVC Formulation USA, a conference exploring US trends in PVC plastic innovations. PVC is one of the primary markets for our non-toxic flame retardant synergist product range, Flamtard.


At this conference it became clear that also in the US there are market trends that demand industry is becoming transparent on the entire carbon footprint of their products. While in Europe this is driven by EU policies such as the ‘Circular Economy’ and ‘Sustainability by Design’, in the US the federal government imposes no such initiatives on the markets, but does use carbon footprint criteria in their internal purchase processes.


Traditionally PVC additive manufacturers have focused on developing additives with better end use functionality vs alternatives. Now, these manufacturers develop additives that have similar end-use performance but can claim a sustainability advantage (i.e less energy use, bio-based raw materials, etc).


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