William Blythe Supports Education in Process Manufacturing

28.10.2016 | 12:32

William Blythe is a committed training provider to all of its employees, knowing that skilled staff are essential to success. Alongside this, William Blythe has a long history of actively engaging with those at the start of their career by offering both apprenticeships and industrial placements. At the moment, William Blythe employs two apprentices who are enrolled at Kirklees College in Huddersfield, one of the largest apprenticeship providers in the area. Kirklees College is regarded as having a leading Process Manufacturing Centre and has proven itself as an excellent choice for William Blythe to partner with for apprenticeships.

To support growth within the training facilities at Kirklees College, William Blythe has designed, manufactured and donated a new Training Rig. The Training Rig was created by the William Blythe Maintenance Department and it will allow apprentices enrolled in Process Manufacturing at Kirklees College to practise skills such as assembling pipework, installing valves and how to carry out tasks such as safely breaking into lines. It was commissioned on the 25th October by Tony Green, Mechanical Engineer, Baz Smith, Mechanical Engineer, and Mike Nixon, Pilot Plant and Production Supervisor, and was very well received by Kirklees College. William Blythe would like to thank all those involved with the creation of the training rig and hope that all of the Process Manufacturing Apprentices at Kirklees College find the Training Rig helpful and beneficial for developing their skills.

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