Production Starts on New Multi-Purpose Production Facility

11.09.2017 | 09:30

The engineering team at William Blythe are pleased to announce that the new Rosenmund Filtration and Dryer system on a new multi-purpose production facility has now been fully installed and commissioned.

William Blythe have invested significantly (>£1 million) in the new multipurpose facility at their manufacturing site in Lancashire. The new plant has been designed to maximise flexibility - supporting production of multiple chemical products - with consideration given to the extensive new product portfolio currently coming through R&D.

By choosing to build a multipurpose production facility, William Blythe have effectively bridged the gap between pilot scale manufacture of products and their scaling to a dedicated production plant, better matching our customer's demand profile. Products synthesised on the multipurpose plant will be run in campaigns with full clean downs in between to ensure no cross contamination occurs. With the full commissioning of the Rosenmund, the first chemical products are now being processed on the new plant ready for dispatch to our customers.

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