New £1m Project Announced For GO in Water Filtration

13.09.2017 | 13:30

William Blythe are pleased to announce that they will be working with G2O on the scale up of their patented water filtration technology. G2O are a graphene innovation company who have developed scalable technology which can be used to desalinate sea water. The membranes developed use graphene oxide, a material recently added to the William Blythe product portfolio. The £1m project will be partially funded by the UK Government, with the independent assessors describing the work as “an essential new technology capable of providing contaminant-free water in a cost-effective way for people in the developing world”. The project will focus on transferring the membrane technology to large scale manufacturing followed by validation of performance. Building on their existing graphene oxide research, William Blythe will use the two year project to work on the optimisation of their graphene oxide for G2O’s technology. 

This project is a clear step forward in the development of commercial applications of graphene oxide, one which William Blythe are proud to be a part of. The independent assessors said of the UK partner organisations collaborating on this project that “it would be difficult to find a better team for this important project.” The team at William Blythe are looking forward to both the extended collaboration over the next two years and the positive impact this project could have on people around the world.

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