New Product - DURAGUARD Sulphur Removal Absorbent

26.11.2018 | 15:11

 William Blythe is delighted to announce the launch of their new absorbent product, DURAGUARD, designed to remove sulphur from hydrocarbon streams.

After many years manufacturing the inorganic chemical powder ingredients used for absorbent and catalyst manufacture, the move to produce our own granulated finished absorbent product was a natural evolution.  The outcome, combining innovation in chemistry with our expertise in manufacturing technology, is a high capacity absorbent offering unrivalled durability and performance to natural gas processing operators.

The DURAGUARD S100 product variant can be used by operators for H2S removal from hydrocarbon gas and liquid streams. The DURAGUARD S100 absorbent is engineered to have enhanced porosity, resulting in a very high capacity for H2S.

Operating Benefits include impurity removal to very low levels. Product life depends on the amount of H2S that passes through the bed, allowing for variations in the gas flow and impurity level. The sharp absorption profile means that single bed operation is possible. However, a lead-lag configuration offers the flexibility to change-out spent absorbent while the plant is on-line allowing continuous, uninterrupted operation.

Reprocessing of spent DURAGUARD absorbent via environmentally friendly and sustainable routes can be managed by William Blythe, ensuring minimum environmental impact from the process.

We offer customers a turnkey, full solution approach comprising: technical support for the full life-cycle of the absorbent, providing designs for new beds, advice and supervision on loading and un-loading of absorbent, process optimisation during operation and the re-processing of spent absorbent.

Case Study

In 2017 we engaged with a Gas Plant who had a requirement to change-out their existing sulphur removal absorbent. Working with the plant we designed and fabricated a test reactor for use on site. The reactor was operating at actual feed gas pressures and temperatures of 64 barg and 4 deg C.

Absorbent discharged from the test reactor confirmed laboratory test results. It showed good physical properties which ensure absorbent can be loaded and operated without breakage or dust formation and confirmed the H2S removal capability.

As a result of the successful on-site trial, in mid 2018 we loaded a full charge of DURAGUARD S100 into the customer’s sulphur removal bed. The bed is now in operation treating their feed gas stream.

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