Copper (II) chloride for your pigment, process chemical, catalyst and life science applications

William Blythe can manufacture copper (II) chloride solution to contain between 30 and 40% CuCl2 to meet your exact requirements. Copper is catalytic and copper (II) chloride solution is used for the manufacture of process catalysts by impregnation into high surface area support materials, for example, an oxychlorination catalyst for the manufacture of vinyl chloride monomer.

In solution, the copper ion is a mild oxidising agent and displays the characteristics of a Lewis Acid. The oxidising properties are used in the recovery of platinum group metals such as platinum and palladium. Many useful copper compounds are precipitated from solution (for example copper carbonate and copper hydroxide) and copper (II) chloride solution is a convenient copper source for such reactions.

Chemical name Copper (II) Chloride Chemical formula CuCl2
Molecular weight 134.44 C.A.S. number 7447-39-4


William Blyther’s copper (II) chloride is ideal for use in:

Pigment Precursors

  • Copper source in complex inorganic oxide pigments such as copper chrome black pigments.

Process Chemicals

  • Source of copper for the manufacture of activated carbon

Chemical Catalysts

  • Copper source for the impregnation of inert catalyst support materials such as oxychlorination catalysts.

Life Science Reagents

  • Reagent in the synthesis of life science molecules.

Food & Feed Additives

  • Copper source for nutrients in animal feed.

Product forms

William Blythe’s copper (II) chloride solution has a blue-green appearance and is formulated to contain between 30 and 40% CuCl2, depending on your requirements.

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