DURAGUARD S100 offers high capacity gas
absorption and unrivalled durability

DURAGUARD S100 is a copper based gas absorbent used to remove hydrogen sulfide from natural gas and natural gas liquids. Combining decades worth of experience in gas absorbent powder manufacturing with innovative in-house granulation technology development, William Blythe are proud to add DURAGUARD S100 to the product range. William Blythe has combined innovation in chemistry with our expertise in manufacturing technology to produce a high capacity absorbent for H2S removal and co-removal of H2S and mercury from hydrocarbon gas and liquid streams, offering unrivalled durability and performance to natural gas processing operators.


High Capacity

Through in-depth understanding of the gas absorbent production process, William Blythe are able to tune physical properties such as morphology and porosity to enhance the sulfur capacity of DURAGUARD S100. As well as extremely high sulfur capacity these physical properties also result in a sharp sulfur profile through the absorbent bed. 

Operating Benefits 

Operating benefits include impurity removal to very low levels. Product life depends on the amount of H2S that passes through the bed, allowing for variations in the gas flow and impurity level. The sharp absorption profile means that single bed operation is possible. However, a lead-lag configuration offers the flexibility to change-out spent absorbent while the plant is on-line allowing continuous, uninterrupted operation. 


Product performance is predictable and offers operators long bed life with a low and stable pressure drop. At the end of absorbent life it can be reprocessed avoiding the need for land fill.

Application Expertise 

William Blythe can advise on the most effective plant set up based on the needs of the customer. We have an experienced team who can review process data to provide bed designs and performance monitoring in duty. We can also provide assistance with on-site loading and unloading of absorbent beds and reprocessing of spent absorbent.



Product forms

William Blythe’s DURAGUARD S100 is available as granules.

DURAGUARD S100 Product Sheet

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