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Non-zinc containing flame retardant synergist
for polymer processing above 220°C

Flamtard S+ (calcium stannate) flame retardant synergist is a non-zinc containing stannate that provides tin-based chemical functionality, making it ideal for applications where zinc ions are not permitted or desired. It is insoluble in water and thermally stable (no weight loss) up to 400 °C. At higher temperatures (400 °C - 600 °C) calcium and tin ions can be volatilised or liberated from their structure to exert catalytic activity.



Chemical name Calcium Stannate Chemical formula CaSnO3
Molecular weight 206.79 C.A.S. number TBC


William Blythe’s Flamtard S+ (calcium stannate) is ideal for use in applications such as:

Polymer Additives

  • Smoke suppressant and flame retardant synergist with co-flame retardants. For polymer processing at temperatures above 220°C.

Product forms

William Blythe’s Flamtard S+ (calcium stannate) is available as a powder in both standard and free-flowing grades.

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