Flamtard V:
inorganic silicate based flame retardant synergists

Flamtard V grades are inorganic silicate based products, chemically modified to control the glass transition temperatures over which they soften (470-500 °C). Above these temperatures, they convert into a highly viscous molten state in which they can help to reduce the creation and propagation of micro cracks in char formation based flame retardant formulations. Flamtard V can also improve adhesion of metal oxide residues and oxidised organic materials, leading to mechanically stronger chars. Examples of how these synergists are used include mica filled silicon based security cables and flame retardant intumescent PVC and PUR materials for the building and construction industry.Can be used in PVC, Polyamides, Polyolefins, for other polymers, check the potential stability with TGA first.

This proven replacement for antimony trioxide can be used alone or in conjunction with other materials in the Flamtard range.


William Blythe’s Flamtard V (inorganic silicate) is ideal for use in applications such as:

Polymer Additives

  • Range of silica based flame retardant synergists, useful in combination with a primary flame retardant,and where kinetics and morphology (strength) of char formation need to be improved.

Product forms

William Blythe’s Flamtard V range (inorganic silicates) is available as powder

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