High purity lead iodide for high performance solar cell technology

William Blythe have developed a process to manufacture lead iodide, a precursor material for Perovskite solar cell technology. William Blythe understands the importance of purity when developing stable perovskite materials for high solar efficiency solar cells, therefore a scalable process has been designed to have strict control over crystallite morphology and high purity. 

Chemical name Lead Iodide Chemical formula PbI2
Molecular weight 461.01 C.A.S. number 10101-63-0


William Blythe’s lead iodide are ideal for use in applications such as:

Solar Cell Technology 

  • Lead iodide is a precursor for pervoskite based materials in solar cells e.g. methylammonium lead halide



Product forms

William Blythe’s lead iodide is available as a crystalline powder. 

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