Nano-sized doped tungsten oxides for selected applications in coatings and renewable energy

William Blythe uses its extensive expertise in hydrothermal synthesis to produce a range of nano-sized doped tungsten oxides that are ideal for selected applications in coatings and renewable energy. Our hydrothermal reactors give us the capability to cover the entire production range, the laboratory (5 litres), to the pilot plant (40 litres), through to the main plant (1,000 litres). Absorption in the UV, visible and, most importantly, NIR can be controlled by varying the dopants and dopant ratios to deliver bespoke products to meet your individual needs. William Blythe has two pending patents for products which have been designed to maximise NIR absorption while minimising absorption in the visible region.

Chemical name Caesium Tin Tungsten Oxide Chemical formula Cs0.29Sn0.04WO3
Molecular weight 275.13 C.A.S. number 2072120-12-6


William Blythe’s doped tungsten oxides are ideal for use in applications such as:

Coating Additives

  • An active material used in “inkless” digital printing.
  • An active material for the absorption of radiation in the near infrared wavelength range, for example in the production of energy efficient windows.

Product forms

William Blythe’s doped tungsten oxides are available as powders.


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