Very high purity periodic acid thanks to our proprietary multi-stage process technology

William Blythe is the world’s leading manufacturer of periodic acid. Our unique production technology uses a proprietary multi-stage process that reduces trace impurities to ppb levels and allows us to produce large volumes of very high purity periodic acid. William Blythe understands that impurity levels are critical to many of the applications of periodic acid and is continually investing to reduce trace impurity levels to meet customer needs. Our periodic acid is successfully used in a range of screen printing, electronics and process chemicals applications. It is also significant in life science applications as the Periodic Acid-Schiff reaction for the analysis of intracellular polysaccharides like glycogen, starch and cellulose.

Chemical name Periodic Acid Chemical formula H5IO6
Molecular weight 227.94 C.A.S. number 10450-60-9


William Blythe’s periodic acid is ideal for use in applications such as:

Print Chemicals

  • Selective oxidising agent for the stripping of polymeric stencils from silk screens. Ideally suited for large-scale automated operations

Life Science Reagents

  • Selective oxidising agent for stereospecific cleavage of 1,2 glycols

Electronic Chemicals

  • Selective oxidising agent for the planarization of metal conductive layers in silicon chips.

Process Chemicals

  • Chelating agent for metal ions for the stabilisation of oxidising surface cleaners, e.g. bleach

Product forms

William Blythe’s periodic acid is available as either crystal or solutions of varying concentrations to meet your requirements.

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