William Blythe’s sodium metaperiodate has
important applications in life sciences and screen printing

Our sodium metaperiodate has important applications in the life sciences sector and the screen printing industry. In the life sciences sector, sodium metaperiodate’s ability to perform the classical “periodate 1, 2 diol cleavage” reaction with fine chemical intermediates that have adjacent hydroxyl groups is critical because the oxidation is specific; forming carbonyl compounds in high yields. This reaction is particularly important in forming dialdehyde functions for “working up” into pharmaceutical intermediates or for attaching functionalised polysaccharides to suitable substrates.

In addition the selective oxidation powers of sodium metaperiodate make it the ideal reagent for the reclamation of silk screens in the printing industry. The non-image portions of a design are normally blocked with a cured emulsion of gelatine or polyvinyl alcohol that is chemically resistant. Sodium metaperiodate selectively decomposes the cured emulsion so that it can be removed from the delicate and expensive silk screen, which can then be reused.

Chemical name Sodium metaperiodate
Sodium periodate
Sodium (meta) periodate
Chemical formula NaIO4
Molecular weight 213.89 C.A.S. number 7790-28-5


William Blythe’s sodium metaperiodate is ideal for use in applications such as:

Life Science Reagents

  • Selective oxidising agent for stereopsecific cleavage of 1, 2 glycols.
  • Pro-oxidant with reagents such as potassium permanganate.

Print Chemicals

  • Selective oxidising agent for the stripping of stencils from silk screens

Product Forms

William Blythe’s sodium metaperiodate is available as a white powder.

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