Successful Transfer of Graphene Oxide Production from Lab to Plant

20.07.2022 | 13:01

William Blythe are delighted to share the news of the scale up of its graphene oxide production process to meet increased demand for the novel material.


Graphene oxide is a derivative of graphene, the 2D material discovered at the University of Manchester by two Nobel Prize winning scientists Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov. Utilising  existing capabilities and know-how in chemical manufacturing, William Blythe Ltd began developing it’s graphene oxide material in 2015. Due to increasing demand, the company has accelerated the scale-up, taking production from lab-scale to a 50-tonne capacity of high purity graphene oxide dispersion product.


Commenting on the work Business Director, David Crossley, said; “We identified graphene oxide as an exciting opportunity for the William Blythe business, which aligned with the company’s core capabilities enabling safe & cost effective production at scale. Graphene oxide is an important addition to our advanced materials product portfolio and we look forward to supplying graphene oxide into many new and emerging applications.”


Process Development Chemist, Jack Carroll added; After joining the company full time in 2017 I began working with graphene oxide at a small laboratory scale. Engagement from project partners and customers highlighted the need for increased volumes, and our team across R&D, Engineering and Quality Control, have worked tirelessly to bring the development of graphene oxide at William Blythe to the next stage of the journey. We are proud to have achieved this important milestone.”


William Blythe has been at the forefront of graphene oxide production throughout the materials lifetime. After launching its own web shop to supply small quantities of the material in 2016, the company proceeded to work with world-leading organisations such as the National Graphene Institute to further understand its material properties and investigate next-generation technologies such as lithium-ion batteries and water filtration.


To learn more about our material or if you’d like to discuss commercial supply, please contact Business Development Manager, Cameron Day.

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