William Blythe is able to produce high purity, rigorously defined basic copper carbonate and customise its physical properties to precisely meet the specific requirements of your application.
Talk to us to discover how we can tailor the following properties to meet your needs in our advanced manufacturing facilities:

  • Particle size
  • Surface area
  • Porosity
  • Bulk density
  • Absolute density
  • WAN (Water Absorption Number)

Chemical name Basic copper carbonate Chemical formula Cu2(OH)2CO3
Molecular weight 221.1 C.A.S. number 12069-69-1


William Blythe’s basic copper carbonate is ideal for use in applications such as:

Process chemicals

  • Copper raw material for the manufacture of biocides for timber treatment and swimming pool treatment.
  • Copper source for the impregnation of activated carbon.
  • Absorbent for the removal of hydrogen sulphide from natural gas.

Chemical Catalysts

  • Copper source for the manufacture of complex oxide catalysts, for example process catalysts for ammonia in methanol synthesis.

Food & Feed Additives

  • Copper source for the manufacture of copper chelates used as feed additives.

Pigment Precursors

  • Copper source in complex inorganic oxide pigments, for example copper chrome black pigments.

Product forms

William Blythe’s basic copper carbonate is available as a powder or in granulated form.

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