William Blythe’s potassium iodide is an extremely versatile compound, with many applications in food and feed, life sciences, pigments, polymer additives, process chemicals and coatings. It is highly soluble in water up to concentrations of 45w%. Iodine absorbs neutrons from radioactive reactions. Due to its ability to switch between many valency states, iodide is able to participate and convert back in many acid and oxidising reactions, as well as to create stable ionic complexes with carbon containing functional groups. As a member of the halogen class in the periodic table, iodides can easily form hydro halogens at ambient temperature. Iodine ions are naturally occurring and converted in the biochemistry of fauna and play a critical role in human growth hormone regulation. 

Chemical name Potassium Iodide Chemical formula KI
Molecular weight 166.0 C.A.S. number 7681 – 11 - 0


William Blythe’s potassium iodide is ideal for use in the following applications.

Food & Feed Additives

  • Iodine source for addition to food to counter iodine deficiency.

Life Science Reagents

  • Key component for the in situ formation of potassium triiodide complexes in antiseptic creams.
  • The treatment of radioactive exposure.

Pigment Pecursors

  • Key component in complex inorganic oxide pigments such as bismuth vanadate pigments.

Polymer Additives

  • Heat and light stabiliser in engineering polyamides, in conjunction with copper (I) iodide

Process Chemicals

  • Source of iodide for the synthesis of iodo-derivatives.

Coating Additives

  • Key component for inducing polarising functionality of polymer films in touch screens.

Product forms

William Blythe’s potassium iodide is available as a white powder in both standard and free-flowing grades, and as a solution up to 45w%, packed under nitrogen.

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