Speciality chemical products to meet the technological challenges of the 21st century

Working in partnership with our customers
using chemistry innovation to solve their
toughest application challenges

Solving problems in life sciences, performance coatings, polymers, electronics, catalysts and renewable energy

William Blythe delivers speciality chemical solutions to help its customers meet the technological challenges of the 21st century in markets as diverse as life sciences, performance coatings, polymers, electronics, catalysts and renewable energy. Founded in 1845, William Blythe has pioneered the development and application of inorganic chemistry for demanding applications for more than 170 years.

We use industry-leading manufacturing technology combined with world-class chemistry R&D and analytical capabilities, all backed by the significant resources of our parent company, Synthomer plc, and a network of external institutions.

Committed to safety, health and care for the environment

Safety, care for the environment and the health of our employees and communities are always the priorities in anything we do. We achieve industry-leading performance in these areas and have established a comprehensive regulatory envelope, which equips us to deal safely and effectively with the toughest chemistry problems our customers can present to us. For example, we have many years’ experience in the safe handling of substances such as chromic acid, arsenic and chlorine. As a result, we are certified to help customers undertake operations with materials that many other companies are not qualified to handle.

Pioneering disruptive technologies to give our customers competitive advantage

William Blythe has a history of exploiting disruptive technologies. In addition to our constantly evolving portfolio of inorganic derivatives of elements such as tin, iodine, copper, zinc and tungsten, we are excited to be working closely with a range of customers pursuing novel applications for functionalised graphene oxide and doped metal oxides. 


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